Thursday, 8 September 2016

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WhatsApp for Easy Blogging

The scope for blogging as a career and interest in blogging as a full time job for earning is increasing as people started realising that there is an unlimited potential over the internet world.

But most blogger will stop posting after they realise that they are receiving not much traffic after their hard work and some others stop blogging as they are short of new content ideas.

But here we will discuss a few ideas on how to blog easily in your busy life to earn some extra bucks with WhatsApp as a content generation platform.

The main requirement for blogging is that contents need to be updated frequently. So for this we are going to generate contents from WhatsApp groups.

What To Do:

Most of you will be joined in a number of WhatsApp groups and will be getting forward messages daily. Messages will be of categories like Jokes, Funny pics, Puzzles, Important information etc. What you need to do is that, you can post whatever you get in WhatsApp groups as a new post in your blog especially puzzles and quizzes as people search for its answers in the Google.

One important tip for better ranking is that it would be better if you could collect more than 5 WhatsApp messages of same categories and publish it as a single post in the blog.

For example, the heading of the post would be "Best Jokes in 2016", "Latest WhatsApp Puzzles",  "Best tips for your daily life" etc.

With a varity of apps available in mobile app store you can easily post it to your blog in few clicks within your mobile. Even Blogger and Wordpresss has their official apps available in app store.

The last part that you could do to get more traffic is sharing it in social media groups once in a while.

You can also use Telegram, Line, WeChat, Facebook groups for this purpose. This is a latest niche for blogging and competition in this niche is comparatively low, starting it early can fetch you better results.

Good Luck!

Monday, 4 July 2016

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Google AdWords Campaign Creation Checklist

There are unlimited ways of optimizations that we can do in an AdWords campaign, but there are few important steps that needs to be done to compete against the competitors.

  • Keywords Research and adding new keywords
  • View search terms and add negative keywords
  • New ad copy variations
  • Mobile optimized versions of all ad copies
  • Add all possible sitelinks
  • Add mobile optimized versions of all sitelinks
  • If required add remarketing code in website and build remarketing audience list
  • Check whether conversion code is added, if required
  • Bid keywords to get maximum clicks with minimum amount
  • Bid keywords after 2 days if any new keywords are added
  • Check the landing page and check whether the conversion codes are working properly
  • If required increase / decrease bid percentage for mobile devices or for any specific locations targeted
  • Check the type of bidding 
  • Turn on scheduling if required

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

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Laptop Review: Asus Eeebook E402SA-WX013T 14-inch

I bought the netbook for 16,999 INR on May 2016. It is a comparatively lightweight laptop, but still we feel a heaviness when we lift the laptop with single hand. It comes with Windows 10 OS and 32 GB internal storage. Usable storage space is only around 16 GB. After Windows 10 update, it will even get reduce. It comes with 2 GB RAM. When we multitask, it lags a bit.

The major drawbacks of this laptop apart from the specifications are its camera quality and touchpad. Its VGA camera is of very poor quality. It even does not take picture with minimum usable quality. Coming to touchpad, it does not functions properly. sometime we need to touch two times in order to select something, or we need to click using touch pad buttons. Its gesture inputs are useful especially in case of scrolling down and scrolling up.

It has got a good battery backup and for the first charge it lasted for about 7 hours.

Then for additional storage space it has got slot for inserting hard disk if we want. Also there is option to insert 64 GB sd card. Also free storage space from dropbox for 6 months is available.

The build quality of the device is excellent and its Icecool technology helps prevent heating of the device.

Overall its a worthy netbook, especially if you are looking for a netbook with larger screen. This is the only affordable netbook with 14 inch of screen size now. This is the only reason why I bought this device.

BUY from ASUS E402SA-DS01-BL 14" Laptop

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

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Tips to free up internal storage space from an Android smartphone in 2016

Here you will find some of the easy tips to free up your internal storage in your Android phone. First of all, install any file manager app if your phone doesn't have one. There are many file manager apps available at Google Play. Some of the commonly used apps are: File Commander, ES File Explorer etc.

1) WhatsApp Backups
With file manager, open the WhatsApp folder in your internal storage. Now open the sub folder named 'Databases'. Delete all the database backups except the latest one. You can find the latest backup from the dates in its file name. Do this clean up process at least once in a week.

2) WhatsApp Media
As in most of the smartphones the media files are stored in the internal memory, cleaning it up will save huge amount of space. Even if we clean up images and videos from gallery, there are lot of other files including voice notes, audio files  etc which could be cleaned through the file manager easily.

To delete the media files, through file manager, open the WhatsApp folder in your internal storage. Now open the sub folder named 'Media'. Now delete all the folders except wallpaper. You don't need to worry while deleting the folders as these folder will be automatically created once any new files are downloaded again from WhatsApp.

3) Delete Cache
Go to settings and open 'Storage'. Now click on the option 'Cached Data' to delete the cached data which will free up some space.

4) Disable auto update of Apps
Disable auto updating of apps from Play store, as new updates may take more storage space. So we can manually update the required apps only, through Google Play, instead of auto updating all apps.

5) Uninstall unused apps by storing apk's
If there are any not frequently used apps which you might not want to uninstall as well, then just download the apk's of those free apps and store it in the SD card and uninstall it. Even if you want to use that app anytime, you can just simply install it from the SD card even without the internet.

6) Move files from Downloads to SD card
Usually all the files downloaded through the browser are stored in the 'Downloads' folder in the internal memory by default. So you can cut all those files and paste in a new folder in SD card. This can be done easily with the help of any File manager.

Hope you liked all the tips and if you have any other, comment it under the post to include here.

Friday, 26 February 2016

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Latest Website Trends in 2016

As the browsing trends are changing day by day, your website design and features also require a change to compete in the current scenario. When planning a new website with a website builder or when revamping an old website the following points needs to be taken care in 2016.

Latest website trends in 2016

1) Videos on home page
Replacing the home page banner with video is one of the latest trend that we see in websites, especially in corporate websites. The video could be the portfolio of products of services or customer reviews or A day in the office etc. 

Slow playing HD videos as the background of the website also will give a rich look to the website.

2) Mobile app on Android & iOS
Let it be any type of website, mobile app is becoming an inevitable part of the website. Any new updates could be communicated with the visitors via mobile app.

3) Special discount page / Fan page
To retain loyal customers, to attract new customer and to withstand the increasing competition, special discount page or fan page is a must.

Daily discount will make the users to visit the website regularly. The fan page could include website T-shirts, coffee mugs or any free giveaways for customers.

4) Free downloads for lead generation
Providing Free guides, infographics or tips is a great way for generating lead easily through websites. It is done by making users to fill the form which includes Name, email Id and other required information before downloading.

5) Online interactive pages
3D view of products, flip book model brochures etc which could be controlled by mouse click.

6) Success Stories
Success stories will help the users to take a bold decision in favour of your products or services. 

7) Mobile Alerts
Email alerts or newsletters were an integral part of most of the websites. But Mobile alerts are also becoming an optional feature. If any user opted for receiving mobile alert, they will start receiving the required information via SMS.

8) Shopping cart within the website
Apart from selling through Amazon or any other e commerce website, it will be convinient for the customer if the shopping cart facility is available in your website itself. If selling through a third party website, the customers will have a fear about the genuinity of the product.

9) Frequently updated social media pages
Creating Social media pages alone is not enough. Updating the pages regularly is an excellent stratergy to increase the brand awareness. 

Also social media apps like Instagram is getting increased popularity all around the world. 

10) Language Support
The potential of business through internet is unlimited. So more language support will help users from other countries to use the website in their on language with ease.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

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Get Rs.3000 worth Bing advertising credit for free

If you have a website, I am sure most of you have registered and verified your website with Google Webmasters account. But have you ever tried Bing Webmaster tools to improve the site's performance in Bing search engine?

If not, sign up today with Bing webmaster tools and get Rs.3000 worth Bing advertising credit for free. After completing the sign up process, you will get your Bing ads coupon directly to your mailbox.

To use the coupon, you just need to add your credit card details in the billing section of Bing ads manager. Then configure your campaign and get some free targeted traffic via Bing pay per click advertising. But do not forget to stop the ads either before spending Rs. 3000 or before first 90 days of redeeming the coupon code, whichever comes first. Otherwise you will be charged through your credit card for additional spend.

If you have already registered with Bing Webmasters tools, then try creating a free blog with blogger and register a new account with Bing Webmasters for that blog and let us know whether that works through comment section.

Advertise on Bing for Free!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

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How to Export Email Id's of all LinkedIn Connections

Export Email Id's of all LinkedIn Connections

Many of us are using LinkedIn for professional networking. The Marketing guys use it for LinkedIn lead generation and most others use it to get a job in their dream companies or to make some professional connections or for LinkedIn research etc.

But even if we manage to make connections with the desired profiles, the LinkedIn messaging solution has a very low response rate if we try to contact them through it. So here comes the need of getting their email Id's, so that you could mail them directly. The advantage of exporting LinkedIn email Id's is that majority of the users are using their official or company mail Id's in LinkedIn as this is a professional networking site, and so we get that.

Steps on how to export Email Id's of LinkedIn connections

Step 1: Click on 'Connections' tab under the menu 'My Networks'

My Network tab in LinkedIn

Step 2: Click on settings button on top right side of the page.

LinkedIn Connections Settings

Step 3: Click on 'Export LinkedIn Connections' option under Advanced settings on right side.

LinkedIn Advanced Settings

Step 4: Now you can choose from the available file types for downloading the contacts.

LinkedIn Export File Types

Currently available file types are:

  • Microsoft Outlook (.CSV file)
  • Outlook Express (.CSV file)
  • Yahoo! Mail (.CSV file)
  • Mac OS X Address Book (.VCF file)
  • vCard (.VCF file)

After selecting the desired file type, click on the 'Export' button.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

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How to Reduce Eye Problems Due to Computer Use with Google Chrome Extension

One of the best and quick rule that can help to reduce the eye stress is the 20-20-20 rule.

20-20-20 rule to reduce eye strain

The 20-20-20 rule is that after every 20 minutes, the computer user should take a break for at least 20 seconds by looking at objects that are 20 feet away. If we regularly follow this rule, eye discomforts like headaches and watery eyes that occur due to prolonged use of computer can be reduced.

But when we concentrate on our work, to strictly follow this rule is the most difficult thing. It becomes impossible to remember about taking a break after every 20 minutes of work. But thanks to many software and plugins available which will remind us in regular intervals.

If you are using the Chrome browser, 'eyeCare - Protect your vision' is one of the best eye care extension which serves the purpose. This simple and light extension notifies us to take a break in multiple ways, which we can configure in its settings.

This extension will play a sound on every 20 minutes. In offices where there is no speakers, there is an option to show a notification message, which will pop up on the bottom right corner of the screen.

eyeCare - Protect your vision chrome extension

There are 7 main option which we can configure in the plugin settings:

Eye care extension settings

1) Take break, every 20 minutes: We can set the delay between two breaks from 0 to 60 minutes. By default 20 minutes delay is set.

2) Show exercises page: When your break time is reached, eyeCare will open up a page with exercise instructions to refresh your eyes and your body

3) Show notification message: When your break time is reached, eyeCare will show a desktop notification, at the bottom-right of your desktop

4) Custom notification message: Provide a custom message, to override the default message for the desktop notification. Empty it, to get back to the default message.

EyeCare extension custom notification

5) Play sound: Select the sound to be played, when your break time is reached.

6) Flash extension icon: When your break time is reached, eyeCare icon, on the top-right of chrome, will flash 5 times.

7) Keep it running, always: Select this setting, if you want eyeCare to be running all the time.

Link for eyeCare - Protect your vision plugin: Download the Chrome Extension
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