Thursday, August 8, 2019

6 Benefits of Gamification in your Enterprise

6 Benefits of Gamification in your Enterprise
Last week, we wrote about cultural influences and gamification and why segmenting your target audiences helps you avoid running afoul of national and organizational culture and micro-cultures within your organization. 
This week, we are exploring the benefits of gamification to businesses. Before we do, we want to show you what it takes to achieve those benefits. 

Strategy First 

Dozens of gamification companies have sprung up in the past couple of years. Enterprise software vendors are now embedding gamification tools in their platforms. Finding a means to implement online gamification is easy. 
However, technology should not be the first consideration. Plug and play gamification without strategy and careful implementation can produce the same dismal results as the “technology first HCM and learning projects of the past. 

Targeted Outcomes in Gamification 

An effective gamification program starts with understanding the change you want to make: it could be things like increased job performance, learning, improved health, or improved leadership.i 
Once we have a meaningful purpose, we can design game elements that make everyday business more engaging, more motivating, and more fun. Getting people excited about a goal can spread through your organization, and if you use rewards with only symbolic value, you can scale up quickly without incurring more costs.

Psychological and Behavioral Changes as Mediators in Gamification 

Psychological states and behaviors are not the purposes of gamification. They are mediators that have a causal effect. Our experience tells us that people subjected to gamification with targeted outcomes of psychological and behavioral change will, at some point, feel manipulated. People who understand the goal will understand better why their participation matters. With transparency, you can avoid having your people feel that their employer is trying to change them. 


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