Wednesday, October 24, 2018

3 Ways AI Will Improve Your Recruiting and Hiring

3 Ways AI Will Improve Your Recruiting and Hiring

Your recruiters do more than talk with potential employees. They source and screen profiles, schedule and conduct interviews, work with hiring managers, respond to calls and emails, on-board and much more .  
In this administrative rush, your recruiters often forget to maintain timely contact with prospective candidates. Candidates see lack of communication as a sign that you are ignoring them 
This can damage the trust they are beginning to build and impact your candidate experience and employer brand. 

Automate Your Administrative Tasks and Sustain Timely Communication With AI

Effective recruiters are those who maintain timely communication and relationships with their candidates. One of the ways you can help your recruiters is by implementing AI in recruiting. 
AI can automate time-consuming, repetitive tasks such as screening resumes or scheduling interviews with candidates. AI can free up time to focus on tasks that need human intervention. 

Save Time in Hiring by Automating Resume Screening 

Recruiters should be recruiting. AI should be shuffling resumes. 
Screening applicants manually takes a lot of time. By the time you find the right candidate, the ideal candidate may be snatched away by your competitor.  
Automation can screen your prospective hires based on your requirements many times faster and with more accuracy than humans.  It can weed out 80% or more of unqualified resumes and identify the best skill matches in your candidate pool. This keeps your focus on productive tasks like building relationships with your prospective hires. 

Gain Accuracy in Your Selection Process and Improve Quality of Hire 

Machine learning can analyze video interviews to evaluate facial expressions, vocabulary, tone of voice and many other indicators that are often missed. It allows you to create a quantifiable picture of each candidate. As the amount of data grows, the predictions will become more accurate, eliminating the unconscious bias in the selection process. This will help your recruiters assess the candidates better and help you make the right hire. 

Maximize candidate engagement by reaching them 24/7 

A chatbot can act as a medium of communication and engagement. It can instantly handle many of your recruiters’ routine communications like acknowledging applications and reaching out to candidates when they need to know about their interview schedules, progress or feedback. 
The big bonus is it can help your recruiters to overcome the lapses in communications that make applicants vulnerable to being recruited away by your competitors. 
Incorporating intelligent automation into your recruiting can speed up your hiring, improve quality of hire, and save you time and money. The functionality can be embedded directly into your recruiting processes. 
Let your recruiters recruit. Let your machines handle the drudgery.
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